Friday, December 26, 2008


Fellow intern and roommate Scott Mussell left Bay City recently.
He was a good guy, and I shall miss him.

Despite his love of flipping off the camera...
Constantly...He was still quite the gentleman...And fun to be around.Sitting around and complaining about shit or talking back and forth in the office late at night.Or allowing me to shoot him as a chapstick junkie..It's a bummer for him to leave, but hopefully I'll see him again someday.

Good luck Scott.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What do you call a blind dinosaur? *

Alright. Another update.
Some recent basketball.
Not much to say. Just stuff. The second one makes me giggle for a couple reasons. Teammates fighting for balls. While opponent grabs balls.

Moving on. Story on the opening of an athletic training facility in Bay City. Well. A moving of the facility rather.

Captions? Nah.
C'est tout.

And a nice little moment from a puppet show. This never ran because there were no puppets.
Christmas tree story.
People buy trees.
And make odd gestures while doing so.

Musical rehearsal at All Saints High. "Little Shop of Horrors."
Construction on some methane conversion facility. It's gonna make poo into energy.

That's all.
For the work-related stuff anyway.
More stuff'll be up soonish too.

I never put up my photos from the show I shot a month ago.
I should do that at some point.

*A do-you-think-he-saurus.
What do you call a blind dinosaur's dog?
A do-you-think-he-saurus Rex.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

there is no there

Bored one night in my room with a curtain, some pushpins, my camera, tripod, and flash.
Multiple flashes can make odd things. The one above seemed to actually make some sense, rather than just resembling something from a terrible 80's acid trip.

O btw there's some minor nakedness. Nothing severe. All the essentials are covered.

Friday, December 5, 2008

one day i'll be on time

I haven't updated in a while.
So here's a bunch of junk that's just been sittin' around.

There was an art gallery opening at SVSU like five hundred months ago. The story finally ran a hundred months ago.
O hai a speaker shot! But I like this one. It's got a little more to it at least.

And then there was the "Shop with a Cop" event at Meijer here recently. A bunch of poor kids got to go shopping .. with a cop .. at Meijer. The cool part is where they gave the kids 100 bucks to spend on whatever they wanted for themselves or their family. The kids were all adorable as shit. Though I think most of them kind of forgot about their families while running through the store picking out toys.
This girl here [below], Isabella, she initially stated she wanted a Barbie for herself, and a necklace for her mother. She ended up getting... a purple hula hoop, a toy ATM machine (yes, I know ATM machine is redundant but that's what the box said), some plastic jewelry, and... a fuckton of other stuff. But nothing for her mother.
"Isabella, if you get all this you've only got enough to get one thing for your mother."
"I just want oonnnne moorrre thinggg.."
I guess that's what you get when you send a five year old alone with $100 through Meijer's toy aisles.
Feature hunting. Apparently this is the "secret" in Cathy's "back pocket". We shoot the greenhouse every year. I was then shown every image ever shot at the green house so I didn't "accidentally copy" any images. My friends, this is why I used to hate looking at images. I then feel like I'm ripping stuff off, or I find I'm racking my brain to try and think of some other way to shoot something. Which isn't bad, per se. But I really don't need the constant worry of "Oh shit! Is this too similar to that other photo?" going through my head while shooting. Perhaps it makes one a better shooter to go about things that way, really. Since you're really trying to get something new. But I also figure if I don't look at other images, there's no way I can "copy" someone else's shot.
I guess I see it both ways. In fact, it probably is better to review other images first.
However, I didn't know it was possible to "accidentally copy" someone else's shot.
Anyway, enough babbling.
Meet Kim and McKenna.
They were shopping for flowers one Sunday afternoon. McKenna was adorable and I'm pretty sure was hamming it up when she realized I was following her and her family around. But you don't really see any of that in these photos. Generally I hate photos with kids looking into the camera... since, we're supposed to be a fly on the wall. But I guess sometimes it works.
Sometimes. I like it here.
"I wanna get more!" yelled McKenna. Her mother was trying to cram as many pots of flowers into the girls arms, and McKenna still wanted more. It was amusing. I really like the light and shapes in this shot.
Oh and I should mention, Danielle Allison, a CMU student came to shadow me for this day of shooting. And I was shooting with... zero voice. I got some nasty cold or something, and so trying to talk to folks to get names and information proved... challenging. But I managed I suppose.One last greenhouse image. This was shot on the Friday before the Sunday I shot the previous two images. I went to the shop Friday while working, grabbed some images, such as this one, and then was informed of the Christmas Open House the shop was going to be hosting that Sunday. So I came back to see what else I could get, and that's where those first two images came from.
These last two images are part of a True North story on a... something. An area up north where guys bring their hunting dogs to compete against other hunting dogs to see whose hunting dogs can be the best hunting dogs. Lots of dogs.

I particularly like this image mainly for the light. It looks lit. But it's not. The light from the sun was just bouncing off the white wall of the barn right to the left of this photo. I thought this should've run, but it didn't. According to Jerry, the writer, he said the story was more about the social aspect of the outing anyway. And what's more social than a bunch of folks (I've used the word "folks" in one blog entry twice now.. yikes.) sitting around a picnic table? I dunno. Anyway.

That's it for now. I've got some other stuff to post soon too.
Music stuff, and then perhaps some weird experimental stuff I shot in my bedroom that may or may not include boobies and peepees*.

*not really, but maybe.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

death and dying in my throat

I'm dying inside my throat. I don't know what it is, and I don't have health insurance so I won't be finding out anytime soon. Just taking over the counter medicines until I'm all bettered.
I was shooting the beginning to this story I may be working on about Traveling Kid Productions. Started by this 24 yr old dude who manages bands and hosts shows and whatnot. But the coolest part is that he's opening up a venue in town here soon.
Anyway, I went to the show in Frankenmuth the other night, feelin fine. As the show progresses, my voice just disappears. I sound like a 60 yr old chain smoker. It's hot.

I'll upload some of those photos from the show in a bit, but here's some stuff from the recent past.

Regional semifinal volleyball match between Unionville-Sebawing Area, and Marlette. Or something like that.

USA won.

Speed skating practice.
Speed skating competition crashhhh.
A story about a "progressive" family. Eats organic food, believes in ... I dunno. Stuff. This was actually kind of annoying to shoot since I was supposed to be focusing on the family and their interactions and whatnot and for the most part the kids were with their cousin the whole night. I got a couple good shots in the beginning of the evening, and then the baby handoff at the very end of the night. So, I mean, it's good I stuck around. But man, a lot of sittin' around.
Hockey. First game of the season. It was a good game. Bay City, sadly, lost to Grand Blanc.

Anyway. I'm supposed to be letting a girl from CMU job shadow me today. It's Sunday and I don't have any assignments so I'm just going to pretend like this event I found is an assignment basically. And I don't have a voice so this'll be fun.