Thursday, January 8, 2009

pow wows are just boring

Just a couple updates on stuff I've shot lately[ish].

These were for a photo illustration we needed on "chap stick addiction".
"Addiction" and "overdose" are the same thing right? :\ 
I was worried the paper wouldn't like em and would freak the fuck out and make me shoot something lame, but I guess everyone dug it. Actually I got recognized in public for the photo (the second one ran). Some lady at the library asked if my name was Jeff LaMonde and if I was the guy who did the chap stick photo.
"Why yes I am ma'am"
"Why thank you ma'am"

Oh look a little boyyyy.

And then we did some stuff about .. babies. Babies bein born. I shot some safe stuff. 
The safe stuff ran. I like these a little better.
I like the first one for Oprah starin down the baby. The second one for the shweet layerin.

Also.. if you haven't seen this, you should.

Watch it. Watchitwatchitwatch it.

 I tried to figure out how to post it directly onto my blog, but I can't seem to get it. Probably because I'm just linking it straight from mlive's site, but whatever.
If any of you know how I can link it here, let me know. I guess I could just host it on my own website, but I'm lazy.

I shot some swim meet tonight. I actually really dug some of the photos. I'll post em tomorrow perhaps.