Sunday, December 20, 2009

June Vula, of Thomas Township, looks at photographs at the 'Becoming American: Teenagers and Immigration' exhibit at the Castle Museum, 500 Federal Avenue in Saginaw, Thursday afternoon. The exhibit features numerous portraits taken by Barbara Beirne focusing on teenagers who have immigrated from other countries into the United States and their experiences with such. 'It's so wonderful," said Vula, 'So many different religions and countries.'


jeffreylamonde said...

i still don't know how to make my blog work right. :\ damnit.

Neil Blake said...

Yeah, mine was like that too for a bit. Just want me to e-mail you my html code? That might work...

jeffreylamonde said...

neil that would be awesome!


Libby said...

HEY! yr photos are big!
also, i love her face a lot.

fosterh said...

Great photo, Jeffrey. We just posted a tweet about the image on our site:

Anonymous said...

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